Marketing Upstream Energy Services, LLC (a marketing consulting company) can develop or evaluate your marketing including: strategy, programs and campaigns, brochures, advertising, websites, competitive research, blogs and other social marketing, sales kits and training, and contracts. Marketing Upstream Energy Services can help you drive interest in your products, generate leads and close sales.

Services are available by the hour, day, week or long term.

Here are some marketing upstream consulting services I have provided recently during the downturn that you also may want to consider.

Marketing Assessment
Some companies should examine their customer-facing materials to confirm they have good messages that express how they are aligned with the current market.  One company discovered a serious misalignment which was the cause of poor sales performance.

Brochures and Web Pages
After updates, these clients saw traffic increases and customers have requested more information. [Upstream Technology Brochure]

Case Studies
This client requested a series of case studies so they could understand and show a variety customer uses and values of their products. Several studies were completed and are being provided to potential customers.  Sales people are more confident referencing real world examples of customer usage and benefits. Customer engagement, interest, and pipeline are improving
. [E&P Data Access and Visualization Case Study]

Product Positioning, Packaging and Sales Training
This client needed to understand the pricing & positioning as well as the strengths & weaknesses of its main competitors and its own products.  I interviewed several customers and industry contacts, compiled a report and defined product positions. The client now understands how potential customers look at the market and the strengths of their products.  I also made recommendations on product packaging and pricing, and reviewed with management. These recommendations were rolled out in sales training which I conducted with the vp sales.

Marketing and Sales Campaign 
This software development company had some soft-launch sales and wanted to increase sales on this new product. I interviewed their soft launch customers and some competitors to understand the company's market strengths.  I then created a multi-touch hard-launch campaign for Q2 leveraging new assets.

Customer Loyalty Campaign
This company was concerned about losing customers during the price downturn.  I created a marketing campaign that built customer loyalty through webinars and communications. Customer satisfaction and renewal rates increased significantly. In addition, over $1M dollars of up sells were generated. [The Great Deflation - Tokyo]

Sales Training
Sales staff needed to understand the value of under-performing products in this down market.  I created a sales training presentation and role-playing exercise. Sales training brought focus to sales activities. Now, sales staff know how to engage customers and are more confident.

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