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MUES Strategy is Simple

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Javan started his career in the upstream O&G industry in 1981 and has developed expertise in energy marketing, business development, and sales management of software, equipment and services. He excels in differentiating and positioning companies, products and services as well as developing and executing coherent strategies that drive sales growth efficiently. 

Prior to starting Marketing Upstream Energy Services (a marketing consulting company)  Javan was most recently Director Solutions Marketing Energy Insight at IHS. Earlier, Javan held various marketing and sales positions at Neuralog, Paradigm Geophysical, Mincom, and Landmark Graphics after working as an oil finder and team leader with Mobil Oil (now ExxonMobil).

Javan has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master’s in Geology from Rice University, and lives in Houston

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​Javan Meinwald, MBA, MS

What MUES does:

  • Determine or understand what your organization needs.
  • Lay out a work plan with clear deliverables and rates.
  • Provide deliverables in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Review results and optimize your revenue and outcomes.

MUES adds upstream o&g value to its marketing deliverables because MUES understands your market. Using automated content marketing and other tactics MUES makes the best use of your budget and generates the best leads.

Javan Meinwald has over 30 years in upstream o&g first as a geoscientist and team leader, drilling over 100 wells and later as a sales and marketing leader, marketing and selling over $80,000,000 in hardware, software and services. 

Typical Target Personas
We create messages that resonate with geologists, geophysicists, engineers, asset team leaders, exploration & production leaders, landmen, analysts, finance managers, drillers, strategists, planners,  economists, technology providers, equipment and service providers and users.

Your overall sales and marketing costs will be reduced relative to your increased revenue.